Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Fashion in Prometheus and sexy robots

Plenty of internet chatter has been focused on how close Ridley Scott's latest movie Prometheus is to the original Alien and whether it's a prequel or not.

While the conclusion depends on who you're listening to, I haven't seen much about the costumes in Prometheus. 

You'll recall that in the first Alien the crew look like this:

Crew member from Alien directed by Ridley Scott in the spaceship
via soresport

In Prometheus the crew look like this:

Prometheus crew sitting down inside spaceship wearing uniforms
via Prometheus movie
So we're talking military jumpsuits or shirts and trousers in shades of white, grey or khaki with a fair dose of camouflage thrown in. Apart from Harry Dean Stanton's flirtation with the Hawaiian shirt, of course.

The real style in Prometheus comes from the sexy robot character. Even the non-robot  who is the most self-contained gets a better outfit than the hoi polloi.

Charlize Theron works the Nehru jacket - with a very severe Mandarin collar - and silver form-fitting uniform beautifully:

Charlize Theron in Prometheus movie wearing uniform
via Prometheus movie
But the film really belongs to the divine David, whose Laurence of Arabia hair asserts his individuality while his pristine grey pyjamas underline his servility. Still, Michael Fassbender somehow manages to make it look chic:

Robot David in poster from Weyland Industries for Prometheus movie
via Prometheus movie

He also gets the best techno dream-reading helmet:

Robot David wears helmet with yellow visor in Prometheus movie
via Prometheus movie
On a similarly robotic note, what's the prediction that the next big thing is a Teddy Ruxpin who sits on your desk to tell you your friends Facebook updates?

...and just how long will it be before Lady Gaga is wearing an outfit made up of tiny talking Teddy Ruxpins?

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