Monday, 25 June 2012

King of the Creepy Mr Edward Gorey

Edward Gorey illustration
The first time I discovered Edward Gorey was in a friend's book called The Gashleycrumb TiniesIt's an A-Z of children who meet their fates in a variety of gruesome ways. It's also a disturbing and inspirational style bible.

Edward Gorey illustration
Afterwards I wore smock dresses, slips and laced up boots for months. I had blue hair, but Gorey's pictures are in black and white, so it was artistic license.

Wikipedia says A-Z or Alphabet books "provide a non-threatening genre in which children engage in a variety of both fiction and non-fiction texts." There is nothing non-threatening about Gorey's take on the genre and this is why he is so fierce.

Here he is:
Edward Gorey with his cats writing
Edward Gorey Tumblr

Edward Gorey illustration
I believe Q.R.V. is some sort of opiate (Gorey is not for the faint-hearted)

I adore the style of the wispy and frightened (or frightening) characters in his books. If you're a lover of Victoriana, black-and-white, the eerie, the disconsolate and the creeped-out, make Gorey your first stop.

And here is a reminder why bored people are boring (and ultimately...dead):
Edward Gorey illustration

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