Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sunshine and disco dancing

The sun came out this morning! It just rained for five minutes but we won't count that. I'm not a natural summer dresser - my coat collection is impressive - but I'm being braver with colour this year after last summer's monochrome experiment.

For some reason sunshine makes me think of disco in the daytime. There should be more of this about, sequins shouldn't be kept for night time and if it rains, it looks even better.

So take one Earth Wind and Fire mega stage jacket:

Earth wind and fire disco jacket in silver with black zips

french connection jacket with pale pink sequins
If there's nothing on eBay (there's always something on eBay) how about this French Connection jacket pimped with some added shoulder pads.

Add a Pork Pie or the extra brave can try a LED hat for extra light and confusion (customised with your name for extra disco points):

Wear with a slouchy vest over a pair of low-key jeans if you're on the down low or go for skinny white trousers or booty shorts for the full on effect.

Stick this on your playlist while you're at it:

In the immortal words of Chic "Freak out! Le Freak, c'est chic!" Go dazzle...

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